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Revision & Refund Ploicy

Before proceeding with the assignment services with wonder assignment help, you are requested to thoroughly read the revision and refund policy to clarify any doubts.

If you drop your present assignment before the assignment expert starts working on it, you have the decision to submit another assignment request of a similar worth at no additional expense. On the contrary, if our assignment experts have already started to work on the assignments, then you cannot withdraw the services in between.

If you notice that you have been charged twice for exactly the same assignment and got two receipts for something very similar, don't spare a moment to reach out to us. Email us both the receipts and we will handle the full discount of the additional sum quickly.

On our part, we generally endeavor to appoint an appropriate academic assignment expert for your task. Be that as it may, if we neglect to track down the right expert, we do your next assignment of a similar value for FREE.

While submitting your assignment request with us, ensure that you transfer all the report/details on materials applicable to the task alongside the assignment specifications. In circumstances in which your assignment is delivered to you post the deadline, we will update and enhance the submitted copy to make up for the postponement and to guarantee that your grades are not influenced under any conditions.

We have a 100% consumer loyalty strategy set up, which guarantees that our assignment experts will conduct unlimited revisions on your assignment till you are happy with the quality and it meets your underlying requirements. You must demand the revision within 31 days from the date you put in your request. Post that time period we won't engage any solicitations for revision and neither give a discount to such cases.

There are close to zero chances of you getting a low grade on the assignment delivered by us. In any case, if such a situation occurs, we guarantee that you will get a discount of half of the aggregate sum paid by you for your assignment. Nonetheless, for us to do as such, you should give real confirmation that you without a doubt got a low grade within 31 days since the delivery of your assignment by us. After the 31 day period, we shall provide no refund or additional discount.

If the delivery date gets exceeded due to any additional specification by you, we shall not provide any refund.

We don't offer any money discount strategy (with the exception of the case referenced in above clauses in this segment). Yet, that possibly occurs if your case is true and has met every one of the measures stated previously. For any remaining instances of demonstrated errors on our part, we will give you a free assignment of a similar worth and not a money discount.