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Honor Code Policy

Honor code policy is the policy to enforce the ethical laws and observe their thorough practice. Wonder Assignment Help adheres to follow them to offer all ranges of Assignment help and contribute to the progression of the academic career of the students.

We never promote dishonest or fraudulent activities to offer any academic work to the students. We are thus away from forged activities like helping the students to cheat in academics, involving in illegal activities, committing students to acquire outstanding marks, etc.

To grasp a better understanding of our honor code policy, you can read on these below points,

  • Plagiarism:- We never give duplicate work for the assignment help offered by us.

  • Cheating: - We neither take help from unauthorized parties to prepare our assignments nor offer any help to the students in academic examinations. We only offer Assignment Help according to the guidelines mentioned by the students and emphasized by the institutions.

  • Imitation: - We are committed to keep the identity and other personal details of the students safe and secure.

  • Privacy:-We don't keep any bank details that you use for making the payment of your assignment help. All transactions are carried out by third parties like PayPal, or whichever you choose to make the payments.

Our writers are not indulged into any academic tests, or examinations to verify the aptitude of the students. Also, we never submit the assignments directly to the teachers or concerned institutions on any student's behalf. Only the students are entailed to do that. We never promote cheating, copying or supporting the students in any activities that are unethical or illegal to the educational laws. If any evidence is found with such activities, the immediate termination of our services and platform will be acceptable

Wonder Assignment Help adheres to maintain the corporate loyalty and any violation could lead to immediate action. We, thus, don't entertain any corporate disloyalties such as internal assistance to the students, indulging into fraudulent or illegal activities, etc.

If any freelancer working with us knowingly violates this corrigendum, the person will be immediately terminated from the company.

Wonder Assignment Help doesn't allow its users to prevent other users from disclosing any information by any means. Our users can communnicate with others by taking an access to our platform.

Why do we collect the basic information?

We never collect unnecessary personal information, and it is limited as per the requirement of the assignment. However, we may fix cookies on your device to keep a track of how many times you visit our website. This can be removed whenever you want.

What information do we require to complete an assignment?

Wonder Assignment Help collects only the basic information regarding the given assignment such as the academic guidelines, deadline of submission, name of the student, etc. No unnecessary information is taken that can daunt the students for intrusion of confidentiality.

We always prioritize the guidelines mentioned by the institutions and never promote the violation of these guidelines by the students. We adhere to maintain academic integrity for all our assignment help.

Honor Code Violation

If you find any kind of Honor Code violation or Policy Abuse, please feel free to get in touch with us immediately to report the violation.